Outbound Marketing: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Positives and negatives of Outbound Marketing.


Flipkart?? or…. Tripkart! ….An update.

Some of you must have read my last blog Flipkart?? or…. Tripkart!. Here is an update of what followed next. So- the day I posted my blog i.e. on 24th, Puneet recieved a call from Flipkart customer service saying that the money would get refunded. However, they do not have the ordered GAS slippers. When asked…

Flipkart?? or…. Tripkart!

Ohh these out-of-the-world experiences that we (Indian consumers) face from these out-of-the-world brands! Simply Amazing! Personally, I love to shop online. I mean what is easier than just sitting at your desk and deciding what you want and then having it delivered to your doorsteps within a week. Sometimes, within a day!! However, sometimes you…