Top 5 productivity enhancing apps for B2B Marketers

Always on the go, B2B Marketers are mostly short of time. Often juggling two or more tasks at the same time, productivity enhancing tools become essential for existence. Today, I will discuss a few good mobile applications that will help ease their pain a bit by helping them utilize their time in a more fruitful manner.


  1. Feedly. This cloud based RSS aggregator browses the content of your favorite sites, rss feeds, tumblr blogs and youtube channels and “delivers them as a fast mobile-optimized experience”. Personally, I simply love this tool. Easy to use, I can browse through the latest news and the best blogs as and when I get time. This aggregator also comes in handy whenI want a content repository for my social media updates.
  2. ziteZite. “your personal news”- another aggregator, Zite’s USP is the level of customization that it provides. It is an intelligent app that “learns what you like and gets smarter as you use it. It analyzes millions of articles each day and brings you the best of your favorite magazines, newspapers, authors, blogs, and videos”. Even though, I have never used this app, I have heard many marketers go bonkers about it. Most feel that this app makes it easier for them to read relevant news on-the-go. Zite is available only for iPhone at the moment.intooch
  3. inTooch. “The easiest way to turn people you meet into personal or business relationship that matters”. From exchanging contact details to sending social network invitations to your contacts to finding out common interests- everything can be done by just one click. Another positive point is that it is not necessary that the receiver also has this application downloaded on his device. This becomes a very important app when dealing with many business contacts and trying to connect with new
  4. Google Analytics App. (For iPhoneAndroid) I am sure that every B2B marketers knows how powerful Google Analytics is as a marketing optimization tool. Now you can “access all your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles from your mobile device”. This mobile optimized tools, gives the B2B marketer the freedom to browse through their insights while on the run.tempo ai
  5. Tempo AI. Think of it like a personal assistant for your smartphone. Available only to iPhone users, “Tempo is a smart calendar app that aggregates everything you might need for a meeting, including people, places and documents, all in one place”.

I have used most of the above apps at some point or another and have reaped multiple benefits. They not only help me stay productive but also organized. Do share your experiences with these and any other ‘productivity booster’ apps that you might know of.

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