Flipkart?? or…. Tripkart! ….An update.

Some of you must have read my last blog Flipkart?? or…. Tripkart!. Here is an update of what followed next.

So- the day I posted my blog i.e. on 24th, Puneet recieved a call from Flipkart customer service saying that the money would get refunded. However, they do not have the ordered GAS slippers. When asked why did they take the order in the first place- the customer representative went blank. Puneet did not press it further but agreed to get refunded.

Now- 4 days have already passed and he is still waiting for his refund. Below is the latest email exchange.



It is interesting to see how Tripkart (oh… I mean Flipkart) is failing to provide Customer Service even now. This is purely sad and disgusting. I would reiterate from my last blog-

It is a shame that customers have to drop down to this level and chase these ‘big big’ companies to get what they should have been delivered in the first place. And these amazing brands- instead of acknowledging their erroneous ways- try to find out loopholes so that they can pin the blame back at customers. Indeed, SHAMEFUL and HARASSING!


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