Flipkart?? or…. Tripkart!

Ohh these out-of-the-world experiences that we (Indian consumers) face from these out-of-the-world brands! Simply Amazing!

Personally, I love to shop online. I mean what is easier than just sitting at your desk and deciding what you want and then having it delivered to your doorsteps within a week. Sometimes, within a day!! However, sometimes you come across incidents that make you think twice before ordering another product. What if it never got delivered?????

Here is a snapshot story of the ordeal that an online shopper recently faced at Flipkart. Its disgusting to see such terrible customer service!

I mean- what do big brands think? They should realize that customers are their bread and butter. Or do customers not matter anymore?? If this is the case, then they should just shut-shop. Indeed a sad situation.

I mean, out of all other online shopping portals, I never imagined Flipkart could have such delivery issues. There supposed USP being ‘Excellent Supply-chain’. This is simply abysmal service. Read the details below.


Puneet’s first email to Flipkart after being given terrible customer service by the portal and the service executive. He is still awaiting a reply from the brand.

To summarize the above, here are the incidents that occurred.

1. Puneet ordered GAS and Numero Uno slippers from Flipkart

2. He was delivered size 9 instead of 11 of GAS slippers first

3. He called customer care- who told him that they will send an executive to deliver size 11 and he will collect size 9 from him.

4. Meanwhile, he also received the Numero Uno slippers. Again- size 9 instead of 11.

5. He again called customer care. Again the same story but he was specifically asked to return the slippers only when he got the other size and not before that.

6. The Flipkart executive came with GAS slippers size 11. Puneet returned GAS size 9 but not Numero Uno as he has been told by the customer service executive not to return them unless he gets his replacement.

7. Days passed without any further intimation.

8. Puneet called the customer service only to find out that his order/querry/ problem had been cancelled from their internal system as Puneet had not returned the Numero Uno slippers with the executive.

9. Puneet has already written 3 emails without any reply from the Flipkart team.

The above email shows how the service levels have dropped in Flipkart from ‘excellent’ to ‘simply pathetic’. Customers are being treated in such a bad manner. Puneet (the disgruntled customer) has already written to their customer care twice since the above email (sapshots below). And everytime he just gets the automatically generated reply of ‘you are important…blah blah blah’. He is still to hear back from the customer-care. His issues have still not been resolved.

It is a shame that customers have to drop down to this level and chase these ‘big big’ companies to get what they should have been delivered in the first place. And these amazing brands- instead of acknowledging their erroneous ways- try to find out loopholes so that they can pin the blame back at customers. Indeed, SHAMEFUL and HARASSING!


Puneet sent a reminder email asking for clarification, again on 21st, June.


This is Puneet’s third email. This is the last straw. Just shows the unresponsive and harassing customer service at Flipkart!

What I am wondering at this moment is- what time zone and what batteries do flipkart employees use for their clocks?????? For me- its been 5 days since Puneet had sent his first email but, I guess, for Flipkart- 72 hours are still nor over.


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