The C words: Change. Commitment. Compromise.

The C Word“Change requires immense will … will to adjust, to understand, to look at the other point of view, perhaps to get up from a position of regulated comfort and to walk across to the fence to peep into the ‘greener’ grass of the neighbour.

It may require quantum leaps … but the way of the world has only prospered for those that have continuously made effort to do so …”

~ Amitabh Bachchan

I think the above truth is applicable in all situations- be it work related, or in some part of your personal life. It is your acceptance plus how well you get accepted that makes all the difference. As they say- its tough to clap with only one hand…

I have come across so many people who keep cribbing about their marriage and are always seeking ‘external’ shoulders to cry on. Or ‘some-one else‘ for happiness just because they cannot handle change. Below is my take on this-

Relationships become what you make of them.

They understand you if you understand them.

They trust you if you trust them.

They are true if you are true to them.

They are happy if you feel happy about them.

Relationships are never easy to create.

It’s easy to run away and be unhappy about them.Willpower

Change is never easy to handle. It’s up to you if you take it positively or not.

Your life will definitely change. You are no longer alone.

But now there is someone who wants to share his/her life with you.

S/he is there with you, for you, loves you

Life can be good or bad- depending on what you choose it to be.

You might have to leave a few things from your past behind.

You might have to compromise and start thinking about the emotions of someone else for once.

You might have to do many other things, but, consider this…

It’s not just you…

Consider this… it’s a choice you make…!


2 thoughts on “The C words: Change. Commitment. Compromise.

  1. its takes ‘C’ourage to ‘C’ross that thin line and enter into a territory called relationship , ‘C’raze to explore something new everyday and keep that spark going and in the end ‘C’are to nurture it so that it flourishes life long!

    Nice thoughts!

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