Indian Harassment Service: ( is such a pathetic service provider. I am appalled at their incompetence.
Its been more than 17 hours and instead of getting a reply to my email (below) addressed to their Service Head. I am getting reminders that my service has been started and I should send my resume. This is pure HARRASMENT! Forcing a customer just because you have that power.
I would highly appreciate if people could re-post this message far and wide. Thanks!





10 thoughts on “Indian Harassment Service:

    • Its truly sad ya!
      Moreover- I have already changed my job in the last month and so I don’t even need this service now.
      They are driving me insane.

  1. Hi Hritika, i am one of ankush’s frnd working with infoedge, company that owns naukri. I have forwarded your issue to Fastforward Business head, it will be resolved soon with high priority. Thanx for bringing it to our notice.

  2. I have had a terrible experience with them as well. They had filled in wrong location, amore than half of my actual ctc, changed the name of my actual employer and other major errors and still they never got back. They have the worst customer service i’ve come across ever. God knows what makes them the leader when they can’t take care of their customers. Shame on you #naukri #shame #india

  3. Well… Just got a call from the escalation-service department of Naukri FAst Forward Services. They say that the issue would be resolved soon. Hoping for the best now.

  4. Dear Ms. Ahuja,

    With reference to our discussion, hope we have been able to address your concerns. In case of any further assistance, please feel free to revert on

    Thanks and Regards,
    Customer service Team
    Naukri FastForward

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