Method in Madness

‘There is a method in madness’- that’s what they say. But somehow- the current situation of traffic in Delhi makes me think differently.

I almost had a run-over yesterday. And ya ya.. it was scary and everything. It made me jump out of my seat with goosebumps on my skin. And it made me see clearly at a few things- it made me think what if this was it. How would it have been? No last words to anyone… So many dreams-never-lived….Lane Changing Discipline

But it also made me realize that in Delhi one can never drive safe! You just never know when a bus would suddenly change direction, or when a biker would snug by your side or when a drunk driver would appear out of nowhere…. I know what’s destined will happen but there are things which are in our control! seriously! If only people act a bit maturely while driving. What will happen if you get a few minutes late? Will the sky fall down? For once, try and act like adults.

Traffic situation in NCR is becoming worse day by day. On top of the jams and terrible roads– don’t forget the main irritants- racing bikes/cars/buses or non-stop honking or the lane-changing discipline. Yes- I call it a discipline because- trust me- it takes years of training to be a perfect lane changer! What with signalling a right turn from the right most lane and then taking a left turn at the last moment! Wow! I mean- seriously- Wow! That takes practice.

It’s beyond jokes now. It’s about life and death. And more importantly- its about someone else’s life or death.

Think about it when you drive next time.


6 thoughts on “Method in Madness

  1. An eyeopener! As someone who is from Delhi/NCR I agree,rather than trivializing day to day things we should be take this seriously and be careful!

    • Thanks Tarun for the comment. That is precisely my point. I mean you I somehow had a strong-reflex moment and I saved myself but it could have easily gone the other way. Who knows!! And trust me… i am not being over-sensitive… its not like i have stopped driving or anything… but it made me think. I mean just a little carefulness can prevent so much on road…

  2. Beautifully conveyed…. but we all know this… the question is do we follow this and take all safety measures while driving??????????

    • Thank you Parul! Yes- that is a huge question. People more often than not fore-go some or most safety measure- right from wearing a seat belt to over-speeding just to look cool.
      Infact, sometimes the driver would drive fast only coz the co-driver insists on it!

  3. Its good to know that nothing happened with you. I have had this experience when a guy just jumps in front of your car… n trust me.. the shit which follows.. makes you feel why in the first place you took up driving.
    Guess it’s just not only the lane changing.. the entire traffic sense of the whole India has to be re-written…. But how?

    • Oh My!! That’s the worst… i mean ppl walk on road as if they are out in a garden for a leisurely stroll! even buffaloes have more sense!!!
      And about changing everyone’s mindset…ummm…. i would say … “Bhains ke aage been bajane ka kya faeda!”

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