Images that talk! – This is my husband’s blog post. I loved it so much that I am re-posting it here. Here goes….

They tell you a story. A story that has never been told. A story that longs to be heard.

These faces and these stories have an existence. But this very existence becomes questionable when the trap is an ancient disease.

The disease was called ‘Consumption’ and rightly so has consumed humans like none other. It doesn’t seem to cease even after taking billons of lives.

The look of despair, the hunger, the poverty fill the world of those affected. The very existence of these souls is now being questioned by their own beliefs.

Tuberculosis kills.
It is now turning into a man-made epidemic with newer strains which are difficult but not impossible to cure.

How far can we go from here is for us to decide? Are we fighting the stigma well enough? Are we giving enough attention and care to these souls?

Author’s note: These photographs were taken in the slums of Jaipur, India. Misery that the patients and their relatives are going through is evident in their eyes.


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