Soul’s Cry….

I wonder what after-life feels like
I wonder how it begins
after the end…

Not too far… I hope
The day when I should know
the track on which my soul will ascend…

How it feels to leave the bone
What I wonder now…is the unknown

Why was I born in my soul
What is the meaning of my life
What is it that I need to accomplish while I am alive

Numerous people live and die
They have their paths
their destinies fly
in a realm thus unknown
I wonder mine would go…

The motives of the almighty are astound
Why was I sent as myself instead of a hound
I wish I knew the purpose of my life today
I wish I knew what my duties are each day

As my soul wonders…my mind suggests..
Why not just live each day as if it was the best
Who knows what’s in store tomorrow
So live today without cages and sorrow!


14 thoughts on “Soul’s Cry….

  1. Thank you so much. Means a lot.
    Even my fav para is the last one…. about the pic.. i wasn’t very confident that it’ll come out nice… thanks again…

  2. touched a chord here..its like such a mystery what the afterworld would be like, every culture has their own beliefs..would like to know dt sm way or the othr. Gud work!!

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