Eve-teasing: WHY?

As I stepped out of my office today to buy some snacks to munch while working (yes! i love those high-calorie ones!)- there was a ‘gang’ of not-so-educated fellows standing next to my office building. The moment they saw me- the catcalls began… I know I should be used to such scenarios and probably just ignore them and walk straight past. But, me being me, I stopped and stared hard at them. It had some effect for sure- they stopped and started talking amongst themselves. But it made me wonder a lot of things.

Why is it that I cannot go anywhere in this city without having an ‘eye’ on my back (or front)! why is it that men think that they have a ‘right’ over women? why is it that when fellow car-drivers see me driving alone in my car, they start car-teasing me? there are so many other ‘whys’ in my mind right now! why?
According to many people, the solution lies with me- the clothes I wear, the places I visit, the hour of travel, the way I talk! To such people I say- well… if truth be told.. I dont even like talking to such people who believe that freedom is the birth right of only men in this society. I am sorry if my beliefs hurt you- but I BELIEVE in equality. People take a second to find faults in women. (I will take up this equality debate some other time though).
In my 25 odd years of existence, I have faced numerous incidents of eve-teasing. Every time I am weirdly surprised at how creative these guys can get. But what I wonder the most is what goes on in their mind when they do such a thing- is it just an addiction? or is it some deep-routed psychological issue to reign over women!
All I can say is-
As I walk on the street
I feel eyes following me
from left and right and between
Fly away I would
if only… I could!
And be lost in the sky
Far away from these eyes
that fill my soul with disgust
that make me feel like i am lost
in a pool of in-human-ness
I cringe at their vulgar face
I wonder if they ever feel any shame
Their actions show their inner self
I wonder if they ever earned respect
of a woman- a mother-a sister-a friend
or had fathers who taught them well
I am left word-less
when people say
that this is the way it is
you are a girl-face the fact
so be well mannered and fully dressed!!!

7 thoughts on “Eve-teasing: WHY?

  1. It’s amazing(ly appalling) when people will point to the state of a woman’s dress or lackthereof as a way to excuse men from harassment or worse. It’s an attitude that is an insult to men because it suggests that they somehow lack the ability to consciously control their actions. They are not animals and those men who are insulted by the ‘blame the victim’ mentality as the direct attack against their higher-level thought processes, those are the ones who are real grown-up human beings.. the rest just need to realize how deeply they insult themselves with that attitude.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. It is high time that the society stops blaming the victim (read woman) for everything…what i truly wonder is- how do these men face their wives, mother and sisters at home?

  2. the problm z dese pepl kno dey cn gt away wd it, they hv dis pack mentality, & nobdy tries 2 stop dm, evrybdy knos its pathetic yt nobdy cms 4wrd. dere ought 2 b sm measures to prevnt dis typ f harrasmnt!!

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