I saw this canvas…

It spoke to me…

Told me how life had been…

Not different from a lonely tree…

Living for the day wen

some estranged traveler might

find solace around her too…

that she too would have more than just hope to look forward to………

The misery, the sorrow, the agony in her eyes

Spoke about how she had lost her smile…

The longing for love…

That never came…

The misled trust…

That never stayed………..

She wanted to cry..but tears never came..

Her heart told her to hope…

And to hope she never failed………..

Hope! Is indeed very strange..

Like a facade…it shields away the pain

Like a mirage…..it loves to play

But also gives strength when all else fails!!!

So… never lose Hope!

Cause… as they say….

Only Hope that one day you will find the shore to roam..

Can make one sail even through the worst storm!!!


27 thoughts on “H.O.P.E.

  1. You talk about HOPE yet there seems to be a lot of pain inside you. You are trying to fight negativity does not come out in what you’ve written.
    Life is a beautiful experience, embrace it 🙂

    • Hey Shalini…. thankyou so much for stopping by and taking out the time to comment. And yes, I agree that Life is an experience!
      Although, in HOPE… I have tried to feel what the lady in the photograph might be feeling and write ‘her’ heart out. None of the lines are about me 🙂

  2. Heyyy Beautiful…you really stunned me with this talent of yours…a thoughtful and intelligent gal behind that innocent sweet face :)))) looking forward to reading much more

  3. reminds me of The Picture of Dorian Gray, its really amazing how u wove an entire poem around a picture Kudos!! HOPE to read more from your pen..

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