She is Me!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Hey! Look! its enthusiasm…… but wasn’t it supposed to be inside the house?

Confused? Don’t be!
It is like a conflict between the mind and the heart! The practical side and the emotional one…the logic and the satisfaction…it is a never ending story!

Walking along the beach,
On a fine sunny day
I met a girl…
building castles on the bay…
her eyes were wide..
gleaming with joy!
While I roamed around…
dispirited and bound!
She looked like me….
but more happy and free…
She was full of fervor…
enjoying what she did…
Then realization struck n I thought to myself…
‘Ofcourse! shez d soul of my flesh!”
She is carefree and jovial and funny and kind
She knows no problems and no solutions she has to find…

She is what I aimed to be…

She is my ‘enthusiasm’ my ‘zeal’!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “She is Me!

  1. gud 1!!!!!!!!!!!! its only u who can maintain dat enthusiam in life……..go, get it back…… it never runs away frm u….its jst lurking arnd d corner while u r busy in oder thngs……………..

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