Free as a bird…..

As I sit here talking to the clouds…. I wonder

Here I am alone and free….

With the whole world…there down below me…

I may seem lonely

To those with love…

I may seem high-headed

To those down to earth…

And then the dark clouds look down upon me…

Laughing and playing thunderously….

And they say –

“O little bird….

Look below you…and u shall see…

The creatures all shying away from me..

They are all in a hurry, in rush, in thirst…

They have no time to njoy what they must…

And den sweet bird,

Look at yourself…

And you will see…

A liberated soul….

A spirit that is free….

And frm now on my dear bird…

I bless you with these words…

Whenever people feel without a care in this world

They shall feel ‘as free as a bird’….”


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