Metro: A Horrendous experience

They say it’s the world’s best metro… they are happy at its expansion… they feel they have the capacity to cater to the ever-increasing demand…

I say…. do they have their security cover in place? I say… you please travel on the ‘blue line’ once during peak hours and answer my 1st question….

Yesterday, between 4:30pm and 5:15pm I know of two cases where commuters were pushed under the pretext of getting into the compartment and mugged.. One of these ‘commuters’ was me…

After a tiresome day at work, as I stood at Rajiv Chowk Metro station waiting ‘in queue’ to board the metro coming from Yamuna Bank and going towards Dwarka, I witnessed my first ever ‘Snatching’ experience….And no…this wasn’t just another amateur trying to be a jerk… this was a jerk who had a lady accomplice and had planned out how to go about the robbery beforehand.

The guy came and stood behind me in the line, while the lady was stationed at the right spot from where she could have helped the man, if need be. As soon as the line started moving, he started pushing me in a very offensive manner…and as soon as I reached near the door..he pinched my hand, snatched my mobile and pushed me inside the compartment. Here, I got hurtled inside by the swirling crowd and by the time I got to my feet again and was in a position to move, the doors had closed and we were moving away.

After this the usual series of things happened- I got off at the next station, came back, tried to locate the guy, reported the matter to the security agent standing nearby, who cordially directed me to the police officers stationed at the entrance, who in turn politely told me to go to the metro control room. The manager in the control room directed me to Rajouri Garden Metro Police Station, where (finally) my complaint got lodged by two nice gentlemen (this time I’m not being sarcastic).

The big question is: Do the CCTV’s need to be used only in case of major crime and not in day-to-day petty situations which to an individual (going through the trauma) are huge?  At the end of the day, it is this very individual who is oiling the wheels for metro to run….

Another point:

Why something can’t be done about the crowd who look like ‘swarming bees’ ready to ‘attack’ as soon as the compartment doors would be opened?  I wonder why nothing is being done to improve capacity to cater to the rising demand…  

With the fast introduction of more metro lines there is a strong need of crowd management at all the stations and especially the main terminals. Also, ladies compartments may be introduced to minimize such awful experiences esp. for females.

With the fair at Pragati Maidan around the corner, I am sure Metro ‘Blue line’ will be one hell of a ride!


7 thoughts on “Metro: A Horrendous experience

    • well…i dont quite agree with that either… these days metro takes longer dan many other modes of transport…many a times… it keeps stopping mid-way
      n hey.. I am talking about ‘blue line’ here… dunno about odr lines

  1. With the fast development and the new technologies coming in it has become important for the government to improvise or to appoint such staff who has a know how about the product/machine or what so ever it is!
    The staff their is least friendly as compared to the London underground which is under such a tight surveillance that u seldom experience any such case of mismanagement or people(staff) running away from their responsibilities.
    Very well written and I really hope that these people look into management issues rather than growing further and end up ignoring the current issues and problems..!

  2. well… there is no point comparing 2 different countries….Metro is one of the biggest icons of developed India (not only Delhi)…. its not the Metro which is the problem, its the utter lack of discipline & respect in our country…..this again can be contributed to the fact that our country is developing still developing as a society while UK & USA have developed, mature societies…… lets give ourselves some time & v(atleast delhites) have come a long way from the last 7 yrs(remember, there wasnt any metro in delhi till 7 yrs back)….. as for the theft, its another problem dat v as indians face & that is our lackaidasal attitudes!!! there r cameras all around metro & if the security & police would have been monitoring them properly, no one would have dared to even think of stealing mobiles, etc

  3. Am glad..finally the Ladies compartment is introduced..but there are still some dunces who get their gals in the male compartment for de jerks to give vent to their frustrations…its a pitiful sight for sure…the way the crowds stake their share of claim to the few inches of space that they manage to stand on….is really another sad of state of affairs…But am sure there are good times ahead
    HOPE…u remember Hitika….u only said…when nothing else works!!!

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